90 days

Limit on visa-free travel among the vast majority of European countries… meaning I may be breaking up Europe into a fall and spring visit (the 90 days resets after 180 days). This may work out better in terms of weather, anyway. Probably not in terms of my wallet, though…

Fall: Spain, Holland, Germany (Oktoberfest?) — leaving from a big airport in Germany will probably give me the best airfare to India, as well.

Spring: Italy, Budapest, Prague… where else!?

The major downside is that I’m terrified that maybe I won’t make it back to Europe in the spring, for whatever reason. The split I laid out above is purely practical in terms of geography, not in order of preference. And I am so not ready to accidentally let go of Italy.

Assuming I can guarantee two visits, I would love to throw in Portugal and Morocco in the fall since I’m so close. Maybe Bruges, because of the movie that I was highly recommended and then may or may not have fallen asleep watching. And Egypt would fit nicely in the spring.

So really, the choice is whether I want to battle time, or money.

Also, Denmark is basically the only European country that couldn’t care less about this 90 days thing (okay, and the United Kingdom–those rebels). Is that, alone, worth a visit?


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