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Updated Itinerary: Summer/Fall

(subject to many, many, many changes)

For those of you following along at home…

Summer, in a perfect world:
– Teaching summer school through the end of June
– Overdramatic goodbyes in July
– Driving back East the last week of July –> detouring for a week on the Appalachian Trail with Baby Sis
– Frantic preparations in August
– Flying to Madrid or Barcelona the last week of August

España en el otoño:
– Camino de Santiago, starting in St Jean Pied de Port, through the beginning of October
– Vigo, Spain
– Probably somewhere in Portugal which I have failed to research
– Madrid, Spain
– Seville/Jaen, Spain
– Morocco..?
– Barcelona, Spain
– …hop over to Italy before Thanksgiving
– …and off to India (Sorry, Mom. I’ll be safe!) before Christmas

(almost all of this is thanks to a very long conversation with a very helpful employee at REI… so obviously, I will take any and all advice and suggestions)


“If you love a writer, you will be immortal.”

She will not always tell you how she feels out loud.

And even if she does, trust to the fact that she’s rolled it around in her brain (and possibly her journal) for quite some time before she comes out with it. Her words are her tools, her armor. She’s best with them when she can shift and spin them on the page. In her throat, sometimes they get caught and fall out all at once—or worse—slide back down and vanish until they flow through her fingers into her next story.


Thoughts, 4 months out

My excitement seems to be directly related to the size of my credit card bill and number of visits to REI, and inversely related to the amount of time I spend with the people I love.

I suppose this makes sense, but I’m not entirely sure that it makes me feel better.

On the bright side, this means I’m already stocked up on a backpack, sleeping sack, shoes, socks, underwear, pants, and shirts. Already, I am in love with everything made for travel—most comfortable, practical clothing ever. And it makes me even more excited to dump the vast majority of my current wardrobe at Goodwill.

The more I read about hiking and long-term backpacking, though, the more I realize that I am so incredibly out of my league here. I can’t wait to figure this all out… maybe even before I actually leave. (…Doubtful.)

Meanwhile, my relationships are swinging in unexpected, possibly unhealthy directions. I can’t even explain why I am clinging closer to some people, while pushing others away. Sometimes, my stomach churns when I think about how close my trip is, while other times, I am exhausted by the thought of hanging in this limbo for so long.

They say, “You’ll find yourself one of these days,”
As if they know I’m lost and could never be saved.