A poor planner’s guide to packing

I have found that travel packing is a skill. And, unfortunately, it does not seem to be a skill that I possess. For days, I have been staring at a far too large pile of things spilling out of my 60L backpack, feeling like I am slowly losing my mind as I realize that I’ve misplaced (or don’t even own) yet another item that I’m not sure how I’m even going to fit anyway.

So this is mostly for me. But with all the questions I’ve been getting lately, it seems like far too many of you are far too interested in learning exactly how I’m fitting a whole year into one tiny bag… oh right, and then carrying that bag 15 miles a day.

Almost comprehensive packing list, subject to tons of changes. Bold items are being sent ahead to be picked up in Santiago after my walk.

Optimistic walking weight: approximately 16lbs before water

REI Tech Tour 60L travel backpack with detachable messenger bag and rain cover
three sports t-shirts / three regular t-shirts
two pairs of running shorts / one pair of regular shorts
one long-sleeve sports shirt / one long-sleeve regular shirt
one pullover fleece
one pair of running capris / one pair of travel capris
one pair of travel pants
one tank top
two dresses
one skirt
two pairs of leggings
two sports bras / one regular bra
three pairs of travel underwear
one bikini
two pairs of hiking socks
one pair of trail runners
one pair of ballet flats
one pair of flip-flops
one light waterproof jacket

two trekking poles, silk sleeping bag liner, lightweight fleece blanket, travel towel, two bandannas, sunglasses, Dr. Bronner’s magic soap, travel shampoo/conditioner, hairbrush, toothbrush/toothpaste, contact lenses/glasses, sunscreen, hand sanitizer/wet wipes, tissues, facewash, deodorant, makeup, lotion, Gold Bond powder, Advil/Pepto-Bismol, spork, band-aids/Moleskin blister pads, safety pins/needle/thread, nail clippers, tweezers, duct tape, small pocket knife, plastic baggies.

one compression sack/three stuff sacks, three travel locks of varying sizes, international plug adapter/chargers, headphones, iPad with keyboard, iPhone with WiFi, old Nokia phone with SIM card slot, headlamp, watch, 4GB USB thumb drive, notebook/pens, drawstring day bag, money belt, ISIC Teacher ID cardPilgrim Credential, Camino Guidebook, Game of Thrones book 4.


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