I am thankful

Today should be my fourth day walking, but instead it is almost 6:30AM and I’m still in bed. (And my bed has sheets!)

I have zero blisters, but we are in Pamplona, and I might’ve helped to heckle my new friends into staying here an extra day just so I can see the plaza de toros and “Hemingway it up.” (I am teaching terrible, made-up English phrases to my European friends.)

And so yesterday we walk a light 19k day and then cook my first family dinner since July.

I make all 10 pilgrims go around and tell what they are thankful for before we eat our pasta, and I know that I have officially fallen in love with the way the Camino has provided us all with exactly what we needed.

The countless 1.50€ bottles of red wine solidify our fast friendship… and as we stumble to bed after our 11PM curfew, we know we also kind of have no choice because probably everyone else who’s been trying to sleep for the past two hours might hate us for being so loud.



2 thoughts on “I am thankful

    1. Emily Garvey Post author

      YES! I’m so pumped for you!! (and I seriously need to catch up on your posts, because I will get to India eventually!)
      Tips: Keep your backpack as light as possible, I can send you the name of someone to ship extra stuff ahead to in Santiago. Give yourself time for rest days and don’t rush! Invest in trekking poles, especially if you’re starting in St. Jean because the Pyrenees are a killer. And unlimited wine is included in (most) Pilgrim menus, as long as you ask!! 🙂


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