modern love

The closest WiFi hotspot is a ten minute bike ride away from the orphanage, which isn’t actually that far when your days are so free. But still, I decide to mostly take a hiatus from my messenger and I find that actually, the less I talk to people, the less I miss them.

I suppose this is what happened with my friends in Houston, a defense mechanism against loneliness that I worry is slowly draining me of my (over)emotional tendencies.

But it also allows me to focus more on the present, and I am grateful for the freedom to share my love with the people who currently surround me without feeling tied to the past or a potential future.

And so I hold sticky fingers and play silly games and let kids and cats and puppies all nuzzle into me. And I give rides and tickle bellies and sit in the dirt and answer every question.

I’m not sure how I feel about going back to formal teaching—though with a potential job offer for August on the table, I should probably figure it out soon—but I do know that I need something where I can be around this every day.


A boy shares a piece of his journal with me, and it is so perfect that I remember why I miss some people after all.
(excerpted without his permission, whoops)

If there is an initial Theme for 2014, amidst all the transitions that are bound to occur, I think it should be to Love Passionately. I want to infuse my daily actions with love.


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